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With Hen, Bex Day aims to give older transgender people a presence in 40 portraits of people over 40.

Concerned that the media fetishises younger trans people, Bex Day seeks out the stories of the older generation.

Olga Karlovac turned a bold personal style into a new career & a series of best selling photobooks.

Combing motion blur with high contrast black & white photography, Olga creates disturbing yet human images.

Working alone in the dark Melanie King exposes her film to the ancient light of the stars

Her project aims to capture light that has travelled for thousands or millions of years before reaching the photosensitive film of her camera

Focusing on Hong Kong’s drag scene enables Kasper Forest to explore conflict at a local & personal level.

Stylish collaborations with the city’s drag artists create modern images with a classic feel.

Documentary photographer Ryan Thomas’ self published photobook contrasts protests from the USA, UK & France.

By looking for images that show power & scale, Ryan’s work puts the viewer at the heart of the action.

Greg Turner has used a series of intensely personal projects to develop a body of work that is rapidly attracting acclaim & attention

Informed by his reading in psychology & his willingness to engage intimately with his subjects, Greg’s work offers insight & revelation to his audience.

Childhood memories & a technique of creative destruction have resulted in a beautiful new photobook for Polaroid photographer Naomi James.

Attacking her collection of SX70 rejects with household chemicals helped Naomi merge personal recollections with the pandemic response.

Documentary photographer Aino Väänänen launches a new photography Magazine, We Shall See

For Aino a return to her Finnish roots led to a journey of exploration and self discovery, and a new collaborative venture.

Photography projects

Personal photography projects are vital way for photographers to create work or to explore new subjects and techniques.

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Personal Work Journal features the best photo projects from around the world, and explores the passion projects of photographers, curators, artists and creatives.

Featured Photography Projects

Greg Turner

“The first conversation that I had with myself was, what do I want to say and what kind of photographer do I want to be?”

Greg Turner is a portrait photographer who works in a series of long term projects, lasting months or sometimes years.

His work is intensely personal seeking to reveal as much about himself as to scrutinise the subjects of his images.

Elinor Carucci

“There is a conflict between my sense of liberation – feminist me – and the roles and stereotypes that women are still subject to.”

Israeli American photographer Elinor Carucci has carved out a very successful fine art career in New York City.

Carucci’s latest book Midlife is an exquisitely intimate portrait of the photographer and her family.

Latest Personal Work

Personal Work

All good work is personal.

Personal work is vital to all creatives. It’s where we get to try things out, follow an obsession or just have fun. Or it’s the work of another artist, someone who inspires or shows the way.

Either way, good work is always personal.

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