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Zak Waters brings us a slice of 90s film photography with his new book

Editorial photographer Zak Waters delves into his film archive of football fans from the 90s for a new project with Fistful of Books

Documentary photographer Aino Väänänen launches a new photography Magazine, We Shall See

For Aino a return to her Finnish roots led to a journey of exploration and self discovery, and a new collaborative venture.

Portrait photographer Amit Lennon turns everyday documents into a subtle barometor of mood & fears

Amit Lennon is a UK based photographer who is known for his intimate, distinctive and sensitive portraits & his latest zine offers an insight into lockdown tensions.

With her photobook, Midlife, art photographer Elinor Carucci presents a searingly personal view on aging and relationships.

New York based Elinor Carucci talks us through an intimate and revealing set of photographs that fearlessly uses her own body and family to examine midlife.

With her zine, Sick, Pippa Healy turns a physical reaction to a terror attack into an examination of grief & trauma

After witnessing a terrorist attack on London Bridge, Pippa used her camera to interrogate what being a photographer means.

Legendary documentary photographer Homer Sykes draws on his archive of colour work for his new book,

HOMER SYKES. Blackpool, Lancashire. 1980’s. From My British Archive: Colour Works 1980's & 90's © Homer SykesNAME Homer Sykes JOB Documentary Photographer WEBSITE Homer Sykes PROJECT My British Archive: Colour Works the 1980s and 90s SELF PUBLISHING PHOTOGRAPHY...

Photography projects

Personal photography projects are vital way for photographers to create work and explore new subjects or techniques.

We publish 6 – 8 new photo projects each month.

Personal Work Journal features the best photo projects from around the world, and explores the passion projects of photographers, curators, artists and creatives.

Latest Personal Work

Personal Work


Personal work is vital to all creatives. It’s where we get to try things out, follow an obsession or just have fun.

Or it’s the work of another artist, someone who inspires or shows the way.

Either way, good work is always personal.

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