Documentary photographer Debby Besford finds community & personal connections at a model boat club.

A deft mixture of formal portraits and documentary photographs gives an insight into a tight community of model boat enthusiasts

Anna Fox shares images from 2 of her new photography projects & discusses collaborating with Karen Knorr

From The Village, 1991NAME Anna Fox JOB Photographer & Prof Photography WEBSITE Anna Fox PROJECT U.S. 1 & CabinetUsually when you ask a photographer to describe their practice you get a short, sometimes terse, answer but not with Anna Fox. As befits an...

With her portraits of autistic women, Rosie Barnes gives voice to an under represented community.

‘No You’re Not’ has found success with the Taylor Wessing Prize and the Wellcome Collection.

A family connection opened the door for Nick Hodgson’s personal project & literally took him deeper into the subject.

Nick Hodgson’s personal project captures what may be the last generation of Free Miners of the Forest of Dean.

By taking his street photography inside, Paul Harrison has created intriguing relationships between art & the real world.

Shooting in London’s National Portrait gallery has allowed Paul Harrison to find new ways of treating colour and form.

Michael von Graffenried has made the Widelux his own, producing intimate & unsettling images of the ordinary

With a career that spans conflict photography, race relations and social documentary MVG uses a panoramic camera to bring a fresh perspective

Documentary photographer Ryan Thomas’ self published photobook contrasts protests from the USA, UK & France.

By looking for images that show power & scale, Ryan’s work puts the viewer at the heart of the action.

Documentary photographer Aino Väänänen launches a new photography Magazine, We Shall See

For Aino a return to her Finnish roots led to a journey of exploration and self discovery, and a new collaborative venture.

Documentary photography projects

These documentary photography projects cover subjects that range from life on Britain’s waterways to armed protest in the USA, and from  South African women’s football teams to wildcat miners in the Forest of Dean.

Personal Work Journal is dedicated to exploring the best new photography projects, and sharing the personal projects of photographers, film makers and creatives.

We showcase documentary photographers from around the world, who share their personal work and passion projects.

Photographers featured include verteran photojournalist Michael von Graffenried, Lagos based photographer Andrew Esiebo, and legendary documentary photographer Homer Sykes.

Featured Documentary Photography

KC Nwakalor Oil Rich South | Personal Work Journal

KC Nwakalor

My photography is mainly journalism and editorial and I focus on social economic, environmental and health issues. My aim is to humanise stories.”

KC Nwakalor is a photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Abuja, Nigeria. His work has been featured in newspapers and magazines world wide and he regularly works with international NGOs and humanitarian organisations.

KC is also the co-founder of No Wahala Magazine, Africa’s first contemporary photography magazine championing visual stories by African creatives.

photography magazine | Aino Väänänen | personal work

Aino Väänänen

“I try to take pictures that somehow portray the person’s essence, that brings out something they might not have seen themselves.”

Aino Väänänen is a documentary photographer based in Finland

Her debut project, True Citizens, told the story of second-generation immigrants in the UK & Finland, and was widely exhibited. She’s currently working on a long term project, Dandelions, documenting the lives of women at high risk of HIV living in Bucharest.

Latest Documentary Projects

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New documentary photography projects


Widelux | Michael von Graffenried | photographer

Michael von Graffenried

Today everybody knows when there’s a photographer around so they start to act. With the Widelux, nobody knows what you’re doing.

Michael von Graffenried is a widely published and highly regarded Swiss photojournalist.

He works on long-term documentary photography projects and his work is distinctive for its use of the Widelux: a panoramic camera with an ultrawide, 140 degree view. Read his interview.


Ryan Thomas

My personal interest is in photographing things that are intense in power or scale.

Ryan Thomas is an early career documentary photographer and has just completed an MA in Photojournalism at Swansea.

Ryan’s work focuses on protest and he’s recently self-published “Everything will kill you so choose something  fun proactive”


Ryan Thomas | Documentary photography | Personal Work Journal
Andrew Esiebo | Nigerian Photography | personal work

Andrew Esiebo

My photography is not about being commercially successful it’s about using photography to tell what I see: photography is my personal empowerment.

Andre Esiebo is a Lagos based photographer and film maker, who’s work focuses on themes such as sexuality, gender politics, football and migration.

His work has been exhibited worldwide at a host of prestigious institutions including the Sao Paulo Biennial, Dak’Art Biennial in Senegal and Photoquai biennial in France.


Homer Sykes

I’m still looking for another perfect picture that sums up in 21st Century way, what English village life is like.

For anyone interested in British documentary photography, Homer Sykes is one of the most important and influential people working today.

His photobook, Once A Year: Some Traditional British Customs is highly collectable and its publication in 1977 marked the start of a successful career examining British rural life and traditional customs. Read his full interview.

documentary photography | homer sykes | personal work journal

About Personal Work Journal

PWJ is a photo journal dedicated to searching out and showcasing the latest personal photographic projects.

We believe that personal work allows photographers to explore their true passions and interests, to try new techniques or simply to shoot for the pleasure of taking pictures.

All good work is personal.

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