Anna Fox shares images from 2 of her new photography projects & discusses collaborating with Karen Knorr

From The Village, 1991NAME Anna Fox JOB Photographer & Prof Photography WEBSITE Anna Fox PROJECT U.S. 1 & CabinetUsually when you ask a photographer to describe their practice you get a short, sometimes terse, answer but not with Anna Fox. As befits an...

Olga Karlovac turned a bold personal style into a new career & a series of best selling photobooks.

Combing motion blur with high contrast black & white photography, Olga creates disturbing yet human images.

Working alone in the dark Melanie King exposes her film to the ancient light of the stars

Her project aims to capture light that has travelled for thousands or millions of years before reaching the photosensitive film of her camera

Greg Turner has used a series of intensely personal projects to develop a body of work that is rapidly attracting acclaim & attention

Informed by his reading in psychology & his willingness to engage intimately with his subjects, Greg’s work offers insight & revelation to his audience.

Childhood memories & a technique of creative destruction have resulted in a beautiful new photobook for Polaroid photographer Naomi James.

Attacking her collection of SX70 rejects with household chemicals helped Naomi merge personal recollections with the pandemic response.

With her photobook, Midlife, art photographer Elinor Carucci presents a searingly personal view on aging and relationships.

New York based Elinor Carucci talks us through an intimate and revealing set of photographs that fearlessly uses her own body and family to examine midlife.

With her zine, Sick, Pippa Healy turns a physical reaction to a terror attack into an examination of grief & trauma

After witnessing a terrorist attack on London Bridge, Pippa used her camera to interrogate what being a photographer means.

Liz Rideal, Professor of Fine Art at The Slade, combines photography & video in her personal work.

Famed for her groundbreaking photobooth work, Liz Rideal continues to innovate and engage with photography, video and fine art/

Fine art photography projects

These fine art photography projects showcase work from some of the leading fine art photographers from around the world.

Personal Work Journal is dedicated to exploring the best new photography projects, and sharing the personal projects of photographers, film makers and creatives.

We feature personal projects from establised fine art photographers like Elinor Carucci, Karen Knorr, Anna Fox and Vesna Pavlovic.

And we highlight new fine art photographers like Mark Alesky, Naomi Jones and Greg Turner.

Featured Fine Art Photography

Naomi James | fine art photography | personal work journal

Naomi Jones

It takes me back to when I was a child when you’d send your films in to be developed. Getting them back would always be a surprise because you’d waited so long.

Naomi Jones is a fine art photographer who subjects her polaroid images to a process of creative destruction.

“Polaroid decay involves submerging the image in chemicals that eventually seep in and start to dissolve the dyes, stretching the image itself and altering the colours.”

Vesna Pavlovic | fine art photography | personal work journal

Vesna Pavlovic

“Complexity of representation remains a challenge when working with this material.”

Pavlović’s fine art photographs examine the relationship between memory in contemporary culture and the technologies of photographic image production.

Her work has focused on historical archives from her earliest photographs in Belgrade to her current work with the Roberson Project on Slavery, Race and Reconciliation.

Latest Fine Art Projects

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New fine art photography projects


Mark Alesky Photographer | Personal Work

Mark Alesky

My personal work is an on-going conversation with myself about the way I interpret the world around me. It forms a part of my archive, my visual language, my diary.

Mark Alesky is a fashion, portrait and cultural photographer. He’s best known for his portraits of musicians and celebrities, often gracing the pages of magazines such as The Face and Vogue.

He shares his latest fine art photographs shot on large format film.

Gina Glover

I like to delve into any immediate concerns and allow the creative process to unfold without the constraints of time or delivery.

As a co-founder of London based gallery and education center Photofusion, Gina has had an enormous influence on British photography.

Here she showcases a personal fine art project that has spanned 40 years.

Gina Glover Photofusion | Personal Work | Photography
Olga Karlovac Photography | Personal Work Journal

Olga Karlovac

I like using a slower shutter and I always shoot a lot in motion while I’m walking or while driving so it was natural to do this type of photography.

Olga Karlovac is a Croatian photographer based in Zagreb. Originally an economist, she turned to photography as a creative outlet when she became disillusioned with her professional working life.

She has a strong personal photographic style that’s quickly captured the attention of the photographic community, resulting in exhibitions around Europe, and a trilogy of photobooks.

Zoe Hamil

A Map Without Words began as an investigation into the connection that I feel to the landscape of home, in an effort to understand its effect on me.

Zoe Hamil is an emerging fine art photographer who lives and works in Scotland. In this intimate personal photography project she explores the process of leaving home.

Photography | Personal Work | Zoe Hamill

About Personal Work Journal

PWJ is a photo journal dedicated to searching out and showcasing the latest personal photographic projects.

We believe that personal work allows photographers to explore their true passions and interests, to try new techniques or simply to shoot for the pleasure of taking pictures.

All good work is personal.

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