Mohamed Hassan’s distinctive Welsh landscape photography has seen his work added to the collection of the National Museum of Wales

Mohamed’s work combines landscapes with the portraits of people he meets along the way, creating a subtle narrative of identity & belonging.

A family connection opened the door for Nick Hodgson’s personal project & literally took him deeper into the subject.

Nick Hodgson’s personal project captures what may be the last generation of Free Miners of the Forest of Dean.

Working alone in the dark Melanie King exposes her film to the ancient light of the stars

Her project aims to capture light that has travelled for thousands or millions of years before reaching the photosensitive film of her camera

For documentary landscape photographer Marc Wilson, self publishing has become a full time career.

With a third edition of The Last Stand selling out, and a new book underway, Marc is making a success of self-publishing

Shot in the high passes of the Himalayas, almost ruined by poor lab work and then left in a box for 10 years, Sebastien Tickner’s Road Workers finally sees the light.

20 years of traveling, and an accident at a processing lab have given Sebastien Tickner’s Road Workers a striking look.

Mountain guide & photographer Steve Razzetti walked for 1000s of miles across the Himalayas getting to know the landscape and people.

These images shot in the 1980’s and 90’s reveal a seldom seen perspective on Pakistan and Nepal.

Photofusion co-founder Gina Glover has spent 4 decades uncovering & deciphering the playgrounds of war.

Using techniques that range from medium format and pinhole cameras, to chemigrams fixed with urine, Gina Glover’s personal project is an extraordinary piece of work.

A chance discovery in her family archive gave a new perspective to Debby Besford’s record of Great Yarmouth’s Venetian Waterways.

Re-discovering her father’s postcards of family holidays, helped documentary photographer Debby Besford to find a unique angle to this self- assigned project.

Landscape photography projects

These landscape photography projects feature new work from photographers in the UK, America, Africa and Asia.

Personal Work Journal is dedicated to exploring the best new photography projects, and sharing the personal projects of photographers, film makers and creatives.

The landscape photographers featured use a wide variety of techniques ranging from pinhole and ultra long exposure, to polaroid and digital.

And the styles featured cover the large format landscapes of Marc Wilson to the fine art techniques of Debby Besford.

Featured Landscape Photography

landscape photographer | Marc Wilson | Last Stand | Personal Work Journal

Marc Wilson

“As a photographer personal work is everything. It’s a huge part not just of my photography but of my life.”

Marc Wilson has made documentary landscape a new career, with a series of self published photo books, delving into the history of the 20th Century.

His landscape photography looks at the aftermath of the Second World War, and the Holocaust.

Melanie King | photography project | personal work journal

Melanie King

“Silver can only be formed in high energy stella events like supernovae. All the silver we have on Earth is precious and finite.”

Melanie King’s landscape photographs reveal the ancient light of the stars.

Ancient Light is a series of analogue film photographs taken in dark-sky areas, away from light pollution.


Latest Landscape Projects

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New landscape photography projects


Melanie King | photography project | personal work journal

Melanie King

“As a woman working alone in a darkened area, there is always the real possibility of assault of some kind.”

Melanie’s work focuses on demonstrating the interconnectedness of photographic materials, the environment and living beings.

Melanie has recently begun to process her images using sustainable photographic processes such as plant-based developers or extracting silver from her used photographic fixative using electrolysis.

More of her landscape photography in her interview.

Steve Razzetti

All my work is just for me. I have done very little “commercial” work, and shoot only to satisfy my own personal eye.

Steve Razzetti is a photographer and mountain guide who lives and works in the Lake District.

Steve spent many years working as a guide in the Himalayas and he has a deep love for the landscape of the region and an even deeper respect for the people who live there. More here.

Steve Razzetti | Photography | Personal Work
Personal Work | Photography | Debby Beresfordt

Debby Besford

The desire and drive to create new work is like being in a relationship with yourself, your camera and the world around you.

Debby Besford has found an intriguing way to fuse landscape, memory and history in her photography.

Her project, The Venetian Waterways combines vintage postcards from her father’s collection with contemporary landscape photos of Great Yarmouth.

Kent Tarbox

I would drive by old rundown barns, abandoned houses, old manufacturing apparatus, rusted out farm machinery and other vehicles and I would think to myself, that would make a great image.

Kent Tarbox is a sports photographer in Midwestern USA. His project, Road Kill, was born from hours of lonely drives between jobs.

He’s turned a series of sightings of old abandoned barns into something much deeper and revealing of the human endeavour.

Photography | Personal Work | Zoe Hamill

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We believe that personal work allows photographers to explore their true passions and interests, to try new techniques or simply to shoot for the pleasure of taking pictures.

All good work is personal.

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